VPSSIM : Easy Way to Install Nginx, PHP-FPM and MariaDB on CentOS Server


For a beginner, of course, use the VPS is not as easy as using shared hosting, as VPS does require knowledge of Linux or UNIX computer. If you are accustomed to using Windows, try using linux. At first it will be difficult.

First time i am use VPS, which add a virtual host on a server nginx, I studied hard and finally can do it. But, if you like a more practical way without the need to know the basics of how to work the nginx web server, use vpssim. VPSSim is a bash script-based programs that make use linux more easily and automatically. Like using cpanel.

Unfortunately, VPSSim still running on Centos distro. If you use Debian or Ubuntu, you can use the easyengine. However, when using the easy engine, the script fails to install Percona DB, so its caused my VPS dont run perfectly. You must install Percona db manually or using MariaDB version 10.x I did not manage to install MariaDB version 5.6, somehow.

Ok, back to VPSSIM. This script will install Nginx, PHP-FPM and MySQL automatically. Its use is also very easy, forget the confuse linux codes.

Not only that, VPSSIM also facilitate you to manage many websites that exist on your server, add and remove never been this easy. You can also install wordpress, drupal, textpattern and others. Supports more than 19 CMS. Unfortunately not included framework = Cakephp, Laravel, CodeIgniter and others.

Before installing, you can try it, please follow the link below.

Install VPSSIM on CentOS Machine

yum -y install wget && wget https://vpssim.com/install && chmod +x install && ./install