Technology that Can Inspire Your Website Design

When considering your website design, you can get inspiration from many different places, even some that you may not necessarily expect. Technology constantly influences website design, from your website’s layout to its purpose. Here, this article gives you a run-down of some of the technological advances which can help to influence both how you create your website and its design aspects.

PCB Design

Although you might not believe that PCB design influences website design, there are many elements of PCB design that can inspire website designers. PCB and website design can learn from each other as they both need engineers to focus on their design skills to combat their intricacies and work to a criteria that is agreed by a client. Although PCB focuses on building circuits and website design is based on fonts and graphics, if their design is wrong, both products will be faulty or be unable to meet their goals. Not only this, but both web design and PCB is based on creativity through using tools such as online software – after all, they are both based on types of code- HTML for a website and circuits for PCB. Both PCB and website design is also constructed through the skilled use of software and layouts, such as WordPress for web creation or PCB design software such as CircuitStudio by Altium, which gives you free rein over your designs by providing you with simple layouts to base your product from.

Graphic Design

Graphic design for branding and products can also inspire your website design as both skills are based on being able to create attractive products for potential customers, and both use intricate software to meet their aims and to create bright and bold designs. Whereas graphic design is aiming towards product creation, website design is aiming towards a layout which is attractive to customers. However, website design can learn from graphic designers in the creation of photos and graphics and infographics which are used throughout websites to make them more engaging.

Mobile-First Technology

The proliferation of advancements in technology such as 5G has led to more and more people using their mobile phones to scroll the internet. This makes mobile-first technology extremely important when considering website design as websites should be adapted to be combined with this technology. You can do this through different aspects such as improving the loading time of your website, using mobile-friendly layouts which are pre-created by website creators such as WordPress, and by using quick load graphics.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has undergone many improvements in recent years and can help to influence and inspire website design through its ability to automate designs and make it much easier for designers to focus on the creative process rather than the technical side of website design. For instance, processes such as Wix AI build websites automatically from the content given to them and inputting these according to preferences. While AI can help you to design automated websites now, in the future, this will also be able to be used for more intricate tasks such as cropping images and polishing other finishing touches.

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