ThirstyAffiliates : Best and Simple Cloaking Link WordPress Plugin

Affiliates players certainly focus on the link, namely how to create an affiliate link products to be better and easier to remember. In wordpress, you will find many solutions how to create affiliate links be better, but not everything is good and suitable for you.
The purpose of cloaking affiliate link is not to deceive web visitors that the affiliate link, but to beautify links and easy to remember. Web visitors certainly know that the link is an affiliate link where the link owner will get a commission if the transaction occurred.
Here are the advantages of using cloaking link to your wordpress. Cloaking link not only to an affiliate link, but can be used for all outgoing links. But, it is better not to use cloaking links to all outgoing links website.

  1. Reducing the number of outgoing links from website
  2. Branded, more professional and clean
  3. Easy to remember

At first, I was attracted by the way used by, but it is rather difficult to apply on the web server nginx, I finally decided to not use this way.

Then, I look for an alternative use URL Shortner that I install on self hosted. There are many open source url Shortner, but again hindered by the web server nginx, which most of url Shortner script using .htaccess.

Then, I tried to make a simple Shortner url that can run on all web servers, but I was discouraged because knowing this wordpress plugin.

ThirstyAffiliates WP Plugin

Is a free and premium plugins that you can use to  cloak link in wordpress easily and quickly. You can download ThirstyAffiliates through wordpress dashboard. If you want additional features, you can buy it. This is the premium side of this plugin. But, if you just want cloaking link, then you can use ThirstyAffiliates perfectly.

Features I want is ease insert link insert link as quickly as usual. And then I get on this plugin. Here’s zoom

insert cloaking link from post editor

Insert affiliate link directly from wordpress editor

insert affiliate link

Then press add link and insert into post

It is easy and fast. This is what I want.

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