how to save battery iphone

Tips to Improve iOS 10 Battery Life on Your iPhone

Phone users complain about the fast draining of battery after upgrading to iOS 10. There are many reasons for fast reducing battery life. iOS app developers say many times wrong settings can also be the cause of the problem. Here some tips to improve iOS 10 battery life on your iPhone
how to save battery iphone
Find Battery Draining Apps

Apps consume a significant amount of battery and you need to find which apps are battery guzzlers.

Go to Settings-> Battery

You will see a list of apps and the power they consume. If you see any battery guzzling apps in the list, you need to look for app alternatives that are more battery friendly.

Switch Off Location Services

Location services use GPS that consumes the amount of power. Many apps want to know your location and they can consume battery very fast. You can switch off Location services for apps that you don’t want to share your location with.

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services

You will find the list of apps that use Location services. Select “Never” for apps you don’t want to share location with.

Select Low Power Mode

According to iOS app development experts, iOS 10 has a lower mode that extends battery life significantly. This feature limits app activities to conserve battery.

  1. Go to Settings-Battery
  2. Turn On the Low Power Mode

Switch Off Raise to Wake

iOS 10 has a nifty feature that wakes up the screen the moment you pick up your phone. Though it may look an important feature, it can drain your battery. Many users have mentioned able to fix the battery draining issue after switching off this feature.

  1. Go to Settings-> Display & Brightness
  2. Go to Raise to Wake option and switch it Off

Reduce Number of Widgets on Lock Screen

Widgets are useful to get information without unlocking the phone. However, it does increase app activity that results in fast draining of the battery. You can save battery power by reducing the number of widgets on the lock screen. To remove unwanted widgets follow the steps given below.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the widget page
  2. Tap Edit and remove any unwanted widget

Use Night Shift

According to iOS app developers, Night Shift is designed to extend your battery life. You can activate it by following the steps given below

  1. Go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Night Shift

You can manually turn on Night shift by the following steps:

  1. Go to Manually Enable until Tomorrow – Move the Toggle switch to On position

Reduce Animations

iOS 10 has animations for everything (App open/close, Message app etc.). Though it enhances visual aspect, it also drains battery. Many users have mentioned of the battery lasting longer after reducing animations.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility – > Reduce Motion -> On

Limit or Turn Off Background App Refresh

The Background App Refresh keeps all apps updated, but it also drains your battery. To save battery, you switch off background app refresh app feature for unwanted applications

  1. Go to Settings -> General – Background App Refresh
  2. Turn Off for unwanted applications

Disable iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is a basic password management service provided by Apple. With it, you can store your credit card numbers, username and password in the cloud and they sync across all devices where you use the same Apple ID. In earlier iOS versions, iCloud Keychain is known to cause battery drain issues. Try disabling it and see the difference in battery life.

Go to Settings -> iCloud –Keychain. Switch it off

iOS app development experts suggest resetting your iPhone if nothing works. This will bring all iOS 10 settings to default. Backup your data before proceeding with the steps.

Go to Settings-> General -> Reset – > Reset all settings

In most cases, you will have the battery issue resolved by following tips given above.

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