Top 2 Online Photo Editor on The Internet

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What is it?

You do not need Photoshop anymore, because now the web technologies have replaced photoshop running in the desktop environment, can now be accessed online. There are many websites that offer online photo editor. Its main function is to edit the photo instantly. Although not as good as the desktop version of Photoshop, but you can use it for free, practical and easy.

Here is a list of online photo editor that you can try

This photo editor is very easy to use. Can edit any photo, whether from the internet, or a local hard drive.
Apart from that feature, Pixlr can also be accessed through mobile applications android and iphone. Unfortunately windows phone and blackberry can not feel mobile application features of Pixlr

2. Online Photo Editor also offers great online editor. Uniquely, you can export the images from a variety of sources, such as the example below
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