Top five best WordPress backup plugins

Are you one of those WordPress website owners who rarely take website backup? What would you in the case of a hack, malware attack or you make some accidental configuration changes?

In such cases, a complete website backup proves to be a lifesaver. You can always restore the last working version of your WordPress website in those cases. You get your website up and running in minutes!

Some people are unaware of ways to backup their website and some find it repetitive and frustrating task. How if we show you an easy way doing it?

If really want to backup your website without doing much of manual repeating work, we suggest you use a good backup plugin. It will do the job for you. And in many cases, it will do it automatically without your intervention.

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Here is our hand-picked list of top five best WordPress backup plugins:

  1. Updraftplus
  2. Backupwpup free
  3. Duplicator
  4. BackupWordPress
  5. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Let’s go through each of the plugins in detail.

1 Updraftplus:


It is one of the most downloaded and used free backup plugin on WordPress with over 900k active installation!

The plugin offers automatic scheduled backup of your entire website including the database.

Plugin let you select your preferred cloud storage provider. And all the backup it takes will be stored under your provided cloud storage.

Based your website update frequency you can set the backup frequency. It offers from hourly backup to monthly and yearly backup option.

The restoration process is very efficient and easy too. Providing the backup and hitting the restore button restores your website instantly.

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If you have no preference, you can definitely go for it. The plugin is actively under development and you should receive timely updates and security updates.


2 Backupwpup free:

This is also a good free backup plugin with decent features that gets your job done efficiently. You will be joining the 500k+ active member community by installing this plugin. It helps you automate the backup of your entire website. The plugin backs up everything including your themes, plugins, media, and database. You can choose the remove storage providers like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Azure, Rackspace cloud, and FTP server.

Along with creating and restoring backups, this plugin can also help you check and repair your WordPress database for error.

The plugin is actively developed and maintained. You can expect the timely updates.


3 Duplicator:

03-duplicator wp plugin

A plugin with more than 800k active installs with over 4.9 star rating makes it one of the best backup plugins in the free backup plugin category.

It packs all functionality you may need. It helps you backup, copy, clone, restore, and migrate the site to another server. You get covered with almost everything.

Some of the interesting features this plugin has to offer are move site to different domains or hostings, pull down the live website to a local server for development, easily migrate from local server to live server, and bundle up the entire website for easy distribution.

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The plugin offers both the free and paid version. The only downside of the free is you can’t schedule the automatic backup and can not use the cloud storage services to sync/store the backups.


4 BackupWordPress:


It’s a free and an open source plugin with more than 200k installs and over 4.9-star ratings. If you are a programmer you can contribute this Git hosted project.

This is simple and easy to work with the plugin. As the name suggest it offers one single purpose backup and restore of your website.

The plugin helps you set up the schedule that suits you. It also allows you to select the files and directories you want in backups.

It is very easy to setup, configuration takes less than a minute, very low memory usage works easily on shared hosting and works on both Linux and windows environment.


5 WordPress Backup to Dropbox:


This is not so popular but an easy to use plugin. It gets the backup job done. It has roughly 90k active installs with over 3.7 rating.

As the name suggests, it takes complete backup of your website and stores it on your Dropbox account.

It backs up everything from your WordPress website including media and MySQL database. Prepares a zip backup file.

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If you are concerned with Dropbox account security, it uses OAuth so none of your account details are stored anywhere.

The plugins also let you set the backup schedule and files you want to backup. The plugin will automatically execute the backup job for the selected files and directory on defined schedule.


6 CYAN Backup [Bonus plugin suggestion]:


This plugin is a fork of dated but popular backup plugin TotalBackup. This plugin is less popular amongst all but does the job efficiently. It has over 3k active installations.

The plugin offers the complete backup of your website along with scheduling. You can schedule the backups hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Once the backup process completed, you can download the backup from the link displayed on a page. You can also delete the old backups to save your server space.

You can configure your FTP or SFTP server for remote backup storage. The only downside of this plugin is it doesn’t support third-party cloud storage services at the time of writing this article.

It’s worth checking the plugin if you are looking for basic and efficient working plugin without many extended features.


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You must have to take regular backup of your WordPress website. If you find it boring or repetitive, here are the top five free backup plugin suggestion. Any of this plugin will help you take complete backup your website, easily.

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