Treat yourself with these 10 amazing design resources

As a designer, you are always on the lookout for something different, something attractive, but even though when you encounter such elegant design, it is either copywritten or a paid resource. But every now-and–then you can witness a product that eases your development tasks and provides your creations an edge that stands out from the rest.

You can expect just that and much more from DealFuel. They host some different design resources and development tools that would ease your web designing tasks. These resources can be instantly downloaded for free and can be tweaked according to your requirement and taste. They have limitless implications and provide you the complete freedom to mould them as you wish. So read on and find out what these amazing freebies have to offer.

1. Vectors for touch screen gestures


Globally around 70% users browse the internet using mobile devices and recently touch screen mobile devices are dominating the market. For proper interaction with these devices, users have to tap, swipe and perform other vital actions with their fingers. Thus considering the importance, hand gestures are an important factor if smartphone owners want to utilize their mobile devices effectively.

By using this resource, you can depict 70 different hand gestures needed for your website or use them for tutorials or manuals. These flat and clean vector icons can be implemented on your projects, and also for presentations.

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2. Sophisticated Waterlily typeface


Attractive typefaces grab the attention of audience almost instantly. For this very reason, a variety of typefaces is used worldwide to design content. According to statistics, of all popular fonts Georgia & Arial are only used 18% of the times while other typefaces are used in 30% cases.

The Waterlily typeface includes over 80 different hand drawn characters from different languages. Using this typeface you can create attractive headers, sub-headers and even content for your web page. These typefaces are compatible with a spectrum of editing software and can be implemented in commercial as well as personal projects.

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3. Free invoice template


Invoice templates are used by companies around the globe to provide a breakdown of salary to their employees. As these templates are constructed using document editing software, the structures of these templates vary from one user to the other. But the introduction of this invoice template would eliminate such scenarios. These invoice templates are constructed using HTML, jQuery & CSS. Thus, they appear uniformly on at the users’ end.

These templates are easy to use, read and also edit. The template also provides a variety of auto-calculate options that can further ease invoice creation and editing.

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4. Royalty-free graphics


Aesthetics plays a pivotal role in deciding the appeal of your website. So along with seamless performance and functionality, you need to make sure that your website looks appealing. Using this resource, you can lay your hands on some attractive textures, design illustrations and vectors.

These graphics can be instantly downloaded and edited according to your needs and requirements. You can even use these resources to print these designs on your personal belongings. They are available in different formats and can be used over and over again.

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5. Atolo coming soon template


Almost 90% of website displays a static message or a “Site under construction” image when their website is either down or under renovation. But doing so leaves information vague and solely dependent of presumptions. But by using this amazing template from Atolo, you can leave behind a lot of vital information when it the website is under construction. You can let your audience aware of the tentative date when the website would be online again and also list a reason for this disruption. The template is completely customizable and is easy to work with.

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6. Pricing tables and banners


While seeking information, an average person spends less than 30 seconds on a particular site. Hence, your audience provides you merely a 30-second window to awe them and provide them the information they are looking for. What better way to represent vital information and statistics than in the form of tables & banners. Using these tables & banners you can differentiate between different pricing options and also showcase the features worth highlighting in your website.

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7. Responsive one-page template


One page is the latest craze. Now-a-days, most websites are constructed using a single page layout effectively and they are visually appealling too. It is also said that with the one-page template the click through rate of your website can increase by 19% while the conversion rate is ramped up by 29%.

Using this one-page template you can easily shape a responsive one-page website for yourself or your client with utmost ease. This template is completely customizable and works perfectly on almost all web browsers. You can instantly download the template in a format of your choice and transform it according to your needs and desire.

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8. 3-Dimensional app mockups


Apps are known for their utility and attractive aesthetics. Using this theme, you can make your website mock the design and look of an app. This mock-up has 3-dimensional design and consists of high-quality design elements. This mock-up is completely customizable and gives you the complete freedom over each and every design element. This resource can be instantly downloaded and used for commercial as well as personal projects.

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9. High-resolution vector icons


Icons are widely used on websites as they are self-explanatory and also help save a lot of space. Because of the popularity of icons these days, it is very important the find an innovative yet interactive approach to lure the audience.

This resource consists of some high-quality vector icons that can be used to denote important functionalities, site navigation and also to share content over various social networking sites. These icons are flat and simple and are easy to work with.

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10. Smart device icons


According to statistics there are over 2 billion smart devices being used by users globally. Thus, it is essential to ensure for every website owners to make their website compatible with all major smart devices. But in case you are designing your website for some specific mobile devices or target audience, you need to convey the same in your website. What better way than showing the picture of the compatible devices?

This resource consists of flat vector icons of over 100 devices. These icons can be instantly downloaded in a format of your choice and used on personal or commercial projects.

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