Tweetily WP Plugin : Solution to Automated Tweet Your Old Posts

Twitter is a social media the right to search for website traffic. Especially if you have many followers who are ready to retweet your tweet. Your item will be viral in social media, even if lucky, it will affect socoal to other media, such as Google+. In the end, the search engine will provide a good position for your website.

Some wordpress plugins for twitter can only publish to twitter after you finish writing the content, however, can not automatically To publish some of your old posts. In fact, your content needs to be given a new power to be able to compete in the search engines.

But, I found a nice plugin, free and quality to it. Namely, Tweetily WP Plugin. This plugin will automatically to publish your old content, on a periodic basis. You can set it up.

Screenshot of the Tweetily

tweetily wp plugin

There are many settings that you can use. This plugin is really cool and helped a lot of bloggers.

Install Plugin

Please find in the plugin directory dashboard with keywords ‘tweetily

tweetily wp plugin

and then install this plugin, activate and setup your twitter account.

Tweetily disadvantages.

If a website has many twitter account, it would be very cool if all these accounts are also updated. Well, the lack of this plugin is: do not support multiple accounts, one account only. Developer may consider to release a pro version with support for multiple accounts.

Plugin created by Flavio Martins, you can contact him for request feature. 

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