Why Is UI/UX Design Important For IOS Game Development?

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Sam spent thousands of dollars for building his puzzle games for iOS platform, but he could not get any good amount of ROI. He contacted a few iOS game development companies and one of them suggested him to work on his UI design. As the developer Sam had hired had forgotten to pay attention on UI/UX design, his game didn’t fetch him good results. In order to work on user experience design, Sam hired a leading designer and he has been enjoying greatest ROI from his game.

Like Sam, if you’re planning to build an iOS game, you should pay special attention to the UI/UX design as it determines the success of your game. User interface (UI) explores how your game looks and User experience (UX) is the way how the users feel about the game. Effective UX design engages the users and helps to generate revenues. A good UI can make your interface usable and attract more users to download your game.

Does a bad UI/UX design hurt the success of your game?

Any user who downloads your game should be able to view and access all the features easily. Even if the user accesses your game for the first time, he/she should be able to find the buttons and understand how it works. If the user finds it difficult to play it, he/she is likely to uninstall the game and this can have a negative impact on the success of your iOS game. Make sure that you hire the best designers for designing the UI for iOS game development project.

Why is a good UI/UX design important for the mobile games?

A good design focuses on the functionality of the game. It should focus on how the end user looks about your game and helping them find the functionality easily. UI/UX design of the game has a great impact on the usability of the game. A good UI and UX design can result in faster load times, easy navigation, and simplicity of the game. It sets a clear path for the end users and offers a great and satisfying user experience.

Users do not like to share their personal information while playing the games. Avoid asking too many details while the users start using your game. It can be a good idea to allow the users to login via social media logins such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you are developing the game for the children, make sure it has big button sizes and the tapping should be easier.

Who should design your game’s UI/UX?

Some iOS game developers feel that creating UI/UX is a creative job and they are not capable of handling such tasks. They rely on UI/UX designers for the presentation of the game. The fact is that UI/UX design is a logical approach and any experienced and skilled developer can do that. It is all about the playing experience of your game. As the developers know the game inside and out, they are the better people to create the UI/UX design for your game.

Guidelines for creating a good UI/UX design for iOS game:

  1. Understand what the users want and expect.
  2. The game should be easy to use and navigate.
  3. Minimize load times.
  4. Eliminate or remove the repetitive tasks.

A good idea to think of a good UI/UX can be to use a few games and see how they function. Take note of what features you like and jot down what was repetitive or irritated you. Pay special attention to the things that confuse you. And also, get some users play the game in front of you and observe their patterns. Take their feedback and think of unique features your game should possess.

After you have made up your mind for developing your iOS game, you should start searching for a reputed and reliable iOS game development company to transform your business idea into reality. Talk to experts and find out how to monetize your game and enjoy the maximum return on investment.

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