Useful 10 Notepad++ Plugin For Designer and Developer Web

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What is it?

Notepad ++ is my favorite text editor. The text editor has been with me since 2008, when he began writing a program with PHP. Before that, I use adobe dreamweaver, because it is easy to use, there is a preview feature and design, so I can know directly the result of the HTML code that I wrote. However, adobe dreamweaver proved too heavy if used continuously and open many files. Finally, I look for alternatives, and met with notepad ++. So far, I am satisfied with the notepad++ features and capabilities

And more importantly, ++ notepad plugin features. Just like wordpress, with additional plugins, the ability of a program can be improved. On the internet, there are many ++ notepad plug-in, I want to point out, any plugins that are useful for developers and designers, especially me.

10 Notepad++ Plugin for Developer and Designer

  1. TextFX Plugin. This plugin will accelerate when writing programs, particularly HTML and XML, with auto close tag, then you do not need to write the close tag. Very easy for web deeveloper.
  2. Colorpicker – This plug-in function to retrieve the color codes with ease, no need extra other program. I recommend plug-in for you.
  3. ClipboardHelper. With this plugin you can put some spots on the clipboard and retrieve it easily. We know, activity often write code using copy-paste, with this plugin, you will be greatly helped.
  4. Web Font N++
  5. NppColdFusion. If you work with cold fusion script, then this plugin will help you speed up work
  6. NotepadSharp – If you are working with C #, then this plugin is for you.
  7. FunctionList This plugin will display all the functions of your project,
  8. PyNPP – If you do a lot of work with a python script, then this plugin will help you.
  9. NppSalt – This plugin will help you when working with teams. A file that has been edited by others will be detected by notepad ++
  10. SnippetExecutor – plugin for compiling and executing snippets of code, and providing the output.

Thats all 10 best notepad++ plugin for developer and designer to speed up their work.



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