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Useful Codeigniter Module for Developers 2015

CodeIgniter is popular PHP framework and widely used by web developers, the benefits of this framework because it is easy to use, simple and has a good performance, even one of the framework with a small memory resource.

With CodeIgniter, developers can develop web applications, ranging from blogs to enterprise application systems used by large companies.

Codeigniter easy to develop because possess a feature called the module. Module is an additional program that can improve application performance, as wordpress plugin and jquery plugins.

Because it is very useful, I tried to gather useful CodeIgniter module to be easy to find. Please bookmark this URL of the blog post.


A PHP CodeIgniter library which makes it easy to do simple or complex cURL requests

It supports all the normal HTTP requests usually used on a website.


CodeIgniter Pagination Library

CodeIgniter Pagination Library

A CodeIgniter library implementing a fully-customizable pagination system that lets you split long-winded content across multiple pages

The CodeIgniter Pagination Library was built to work with entries stored inside a database, allowing the developer to control the flow of information dumped on each page.The library, besides just splitting long content across multiple pages, also comes with a visual GUI for navigating them, a simple pager component that can be deployed with ease.This pager is a page number navigation system, with adjacent controls for jumping to the next, previous, first and last entry.The CodeIgniter Pagination Library pager can easily be localized to any language and developers are in full control over the number of entries to show on each page listing.


flexi auth

flexi auth

A CodeIgniter library for managing a site’s userbase, the tool you need if you plan to let users register and login on your site

flexi auth can be used for running a community-powered CodeIgniter installation, supporting a special section in your site where users can make new accounts and where they can login into them.Along with the frontend part there’s also a backend where admins can manage the user accounts along with their permissions, granting them access to various site features, even admin privileges.fexi auth comes packet with lots of features, making ideal for a wide range of use cases.



A CodeIgniter plugin for adding source code syntax highlighting capabilities to a CI application, with support for various programming languages and highlighting themes

Using the Luminous PHP library adapted to the CodeIgniter plugin system, ci-syntax-highlight allows editors to include code blocks, declare their programming language, and have the source code automatically highlighted when embedded on the frontend.This lets developers properly show source code with their content, with an improved degree of readability and attuned to the site’s general UI style.Since ci-syntax-highlight is a packaged version of Luminous, all its original features are also supported with the CodeIgniter plugin, and small tweaks can be made here and there.Usage instructions are provided with the package’s README file.




A CodeIgniter plugin that implements a driver-based payment processing toolkit for using with any CodeIgniter-powered app or website

CI-Merchant is nothing more than a gateway-agnostic payment system on which various billing providers can be integrated.It comes with support for various known gateways out of the box, but with the provided documentation, additional custom services can be added with ease.Installation via the CodeIgniter Sparks auto-installer is supported.


Codeigniter twitter tweets

Codeigniter twitter tweets

CodeIgniter plugin for embedding Twitter data

The plugin makes use of Twitter’s API for embedding tweets in remote locations.It’s perfect for showcasing a person’s social activity, while keeping a hold on what’s OK to display and what’s not.


visualCaptcha for CodeIgniter

visualCaptcha for CodeIgniter

A tiny CodeIgniter plugin for adding visual and audio CAPTCHA fields to your online forms, complete with mobile and Retina support

This plugin was ported from the visualCaptcha PHP library.The CodeIgniter version tries to follow as closely as possible the original guidelines, supporting most of the features and the original design patterns that have been so successful in protecting forms from a wide variety of spam bots.Besides the original features referring to the mobile, visual, audio and drag&drop support, the CodeIgniter plugin also adds specific support for using the CAPTCHA with specific CodeIgniter projects.This includes support for translatable text and easy embedding with CI Views and Controllers.visualCaptcha is also available for: PHPNode.jsRuby (official) Ruby (unofficial) WordPress


Highchart library for Codeigniter


A CodeIgniter plugin for rendering graphs using the Highcharts JS library

The library allows CodeIgniter admins to render their charts via the famous Highcharts JavaScript charting library.Supports all chart types supported by the Highcharts library (bar, pie, line, spline, area, areaspline, column and scatter).



A simple CodeIgniter plugin for the MailChimp API

MailChimp is a online service which can be used to manage, send and track customer newsletters and email marketing campaigns.Written in PHP, the library allows CodeIgniters developers to remotely interact with the MailChimp service.Supports modifying campaigns, auto-responders, templates, lists, etc..


Codeigniter OAuth 2.0

CodeIgniter library for working with the newer version of the OAuth protocol

Supports version 2.x of the protocol.OAuth 2.x is split into 2 profiles, clients and providers. This library wraps the provider part for CodeIgniter.



This is a CodeIgniter plugin for managing file uploads with Uploadify

Uploadify is a jQuery plugin that allows an easy way to integrate single or multiple file uploads on a website.This plugin allows CodeIgniter-developed apps to handle all file uploads via Uploadify, instead of the classic upload controller.A demo is included with the download package.


Sitemaps for CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter plugin for creating XML sitemaps

This plugin will help CodeIgniter admins create a XML sitemap which they can promote on various search engines for increasing a site’s visibility on the Internet.This plugin will help CodeIgniter admins create a XML sitemap which they can promote on various search engines for increasing a site’s visibility on the Internet.




A lightweight and easy to use CodeIgniter library for automatically loading all JavaScript files found inside a designated folder

To use Javascript-Loader-Helper, just point the library at a folder and it will automatically load all JS files found inside.The folder path is customizable. and the library works best only in CodeIgniter apps where the same JS files are used everywhere on the site.


Facebook Connect CodeIgniter Library


A library for the CodeIgniter PHP framework to integrate Facebook Connect in / on a web page

Essentially being a wrapper around the Facebook PHP API, it includes everything needed to get Facebook Connect working within CodeIgniter libraries.This library also allows to add XFBML to view files, call the Graph API via secure SSL (with CURL), and build richly connected applications with the Open Graph.


CodeIgniter Amazon SES


A CodeIgniter plugin for interacting with the Amazon Web Services SES API

Amazon Web Services SES (Simple Email Service) is a highly scalable and cost-effective bulk and transactional email-sending service.This library allows apps developed on top of the CodeIgniter PHP framework to query and interact with Amazon SES from within PHP code.


CodeIgniter Cache Helper


A library for adding extra tools to the CodeIgniter built-in cache system

The library’s purpose is to add some new tools for managing the cache files more easily.This allows a developer to manipulated outputted cache files via PHP.

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A PHP library for the CodeIgniter gallery to connect and use the Twitter API

This library provides an interface to’s API.Can be used by developers to send long links to’s service and retrieve a shortened version.The opposite operation is also possible.


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