Useful jQuery Plugin to Create Drag and Drop Interface

Drag and drop models offer a convenience to adjust the settings. Users feel like touching the elements, especially if done with the touch screen. To create a drag and drop interface, it takes jquery plugins, though not always using jquery, but the easiest way is with jquery plugins.Many developers offer jquery plugins that you can use to create a drag and drop interface. Think, a lot of applications or games that can be created with drag and drop, a lot of ideas. You can be creative even further.

This post will collect some useful drag and drop jquery plugins that you can use for free.

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Sortable : JavaScript Drag & Drop Sorting Library

Sortable — is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers and touch devices. No jQuery.Features:

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Draggabilly : Make that shiz draggable with JavaScript

Make that shiz draggable with javascript.Rad because it supports IE8+ and multi-touch.

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Dragmove : jQuery Plugin for Dragging DOM Elements

Lightweight jQuery extension for enabling draggable functionality on DOM elements without requiring the jQuery UI library. Compatible with trackpads, touch devices, and standard computer mice.

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Gridstack.js : jQuery plugin for Widget Layout

Gridstack.js is a jQuery plugin for widget layout. This is drag-and-drop multi-column grid. It allows you to build draggable responsive bootstrap v3 friendly layouts.It also works great with knockout.js

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Dragon : jQuery Draggable plugin

Another fn.draggable plugin for jQuery. This plugin is independant of any widget or core architecture, just plop it on your page after jQuery and you’re good to go.

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SnapPuzzle : jQuery Image Puzzle Game

A jQuery plugin for turning an image into a jigsaw puzzle game.

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dasBaum : jQuery Drag & Drop Treeview plugin

A simple jquery ui widget supporting drag & drop, inline renaming, keyboard navigation, and other cool stuff.

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Touch-dnd : jQuery Touch compatible Drag’n’Drop library

Advanced touch-compatible Drag’n’Drop library providing Draggable, Droppable and Sortable for Zepto.js and jQuery.

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Dad.js : jQuery Drag & Drop Plugin

DAD.js is a simple and awesome Drag And Drop plugin.

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Playful Interaction for Draggable Elements

A little playful interaction idea where we add some bounciness to a draggable element and animate it depending on its position.We wanted to create a playful dragging interaction that will morph and animate an element depending on its position. If dropped before the bounds we will snap the element back with an elastic effect. We also add some bounciness to inner elements so that everything gets an even more organic feel.

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Interact.js : Javascript Drag and Drop, Resizing and Gestures

Javascript drag and drop, resizing and gestures for modern desktop and mobile browsers.Features:

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Drag and drop form builder using bootstrap

I was working on a web survey type of project with a requirement that admin users should be able to build forms on the go, which will then be displayed to user to fill up and submit. while browsing i came across this nice script Formbuilder.drag and drop form builder is simply a interface to build your own web forms, On each move it generates json output which you can use to rebuild the html form at run time.

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Interactive Drag and Drop Coloring Concept

Today we would like to share a fun interactive coloring concept with you. The idea is to simply drag a color from a color palette to a website mockup and color designated areas of it (like sections or texts). You might have encountered customization tools before, but we wanted to add some fun to this idea and make it enjoyable to use.

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jQuery T-Shirt Designer

T­shirt Designer is the tool you have been looking for! You can create now your own t­shirt generator directly on your website. Works with any kind of product and can be integrated in minutes.Features:

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Drag and Drop Interaction Ideas with jQuery & CSS3

Some ideas for drag and drop interactions in a UI. The idea is to show a droppable area that stands for certain actions after an element is being dragged.

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vSort : jQuery Lists Sortable Plugin with Handle

vSort is a simple jQuery plugin for making lists sortable with a handle

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jQuery Sortable Tree Lists

jQuery plugin to sorting lists also the tree structures. Smooth motion while dragging and scrolling.

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Dropper : jQuery Drag & Drop uploads Plugin

A jQuery plugin for simple drag and drop uploads.

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Collections : Drag and Drop jQuery collection Add-on

Drag and Drop jquery collection add-on for ecommerce site.

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tinyDraggable : jQuery plugin for making objects Draggable

A minimalistic jQuery plugin for making objects draggable.Compatible with jQuery 1.5+ in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 7+. No dependencies except the jQuery library.This plugin was developed by and for – an international repository for free Public Domain images. We have implemented this piece of software in production and we share it – in the spirit of Pixabay – freely with others.

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HTML5 Sortable : jQuery Sortable Lists and Grids

Lightweight jQuery plugin to create sortable lists and grids using native HTML5 drag and drop API.

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