Useful Script for Web Development

Perhaps some of this stuff will be useful for your web development. Small script, with many functions and of course helps a lot of things. I got it in codecanyon, so it’s not free, but cheap. You will get a lot of inspiration from some of the script below. For example, you can create a web of recipes with a plugin, create a unique social network with many features in it.

1. Cooked – WordPress Plugin to Create Food Recipe Site


When you’re purchase this plugin, you will get special template for food recipe.


2. Sefie – Social Network Script


Selfie is social network script that you can use it for build a special social network, diffrerent with facebook or twitter. Demo


3. IMDB Parser PHP Script

imdb parser php class

MDB Parser is a PHP class that allows you to get everything you want from the IMDB database, it supports both movies and TV series. Its usefull when you need content from IMDB.


4. iPlaceholder – A Script to Create Placeholder Service


iPlaceholder is a complete dummy image generation service solution. And it is need of time, we are most often required to replace the original image with the dummy image before we ship digital product to the buyer due to copyrights limits.


5. Bootstrap Megamenu

bootstrap megamenu

If you’re want to create big menu with bootsrap, maybe this script is for you.


6. WIDE – JQuery Slider


WIDE, a jQuery plugin that shows your work in an interactive way, the plugin’s strong points are: custom colors, autoplay settings, fully responsive, modern look & feel, clean and spacious design


7.  Google Map Scrapping

google map scrapping script

Its a PHP class to getting data from google map.

Extract and collect data to Google Maps with just one click.

You can create your own database of information about every activity insert in Google My Business (ex Google Places) and on Google Maps.

Set: • query of search • domain of google (de, com, it, fr, …) • language of search (it, en, de, fr) • number of page • a prefix for email to get a “simulated email address” Obtain: • Address • Phone • Website (domain name) • Email* • Rating • N° of rating • Photo • Link Export to CSV



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