Usefull Stuff on The Web For Web Designer and Developer

Usefull Stuff on The Web For Web Designer and Developer

Web and design is our passion. We write the best things from the web that we have found. And of course we give to you. We shared such as icons, javascript libraries, plugins, graphics, ilustration, Infographic and others. Everything we could find for free on the internet, and you can consume for your next project.

We like to share things in our passion. Enjoy the good things of the web. Here are 8 cool things that can be used by developers and web designers.

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1. Geomicons Open – The Open Source Icons for Web

Geomicons Open - The Open Source Icons for Web

It is a CSS framework that contains icons for free. You can use it with ease, no need to copy the icon into your hosting.

2. NanoBar.JS


Want to make a progress bar like on youtube? with this javascript library, you can make it with ease. No need jquery and its size is very small, less than 1KB.

3. CSShake – CSS to move your DOM

CSShake - CSS to move your DOM

Library is very original. Its function is simply to move the HTML element (DOM) with CSS. Yes, just move it. Possible to create animations, CSS can be relied upon.
Demo / Github

4. Code Guide Reference

Code Guide Reference

Its not a libary, but is just coding guide for novice programmer. Also you can learn basic of coding.

5. Framework7


Its a amazing HTML framework to build iOS 7 app. Its free to download. You can create iOS app just like web. But, when it released on android?

6. Glyphr Studio

Glyphr Studio

Is a tool for designing fonts. This tool is suitable for the designers. You can make a creation of diverse fonts.
Check out

7. Ratchet


Ratchet use to build mobile app with HTML, CSS and JS component. Its easy way to build mobile app.
Check out

8. Radial Menu

Radial Menu

Radial Menu is a unique design and animatif menu. Using CSS and javascript to create the menu.

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