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wordpress-featureWe are all familiar with WordPress, the site which allows you to create wonderful websites in the easiest of ways. But obviously no service comes for free. You can build great websites by signing up for your desired plan. In order to provide their customers with a variety of options, they have four different plans.  Each plan defers from the other in pricing and value-added features.

On the brighter side, there is one feature that lets you design the entire website for free.  If you are looking to set up a small e-commerce store, with as less expenses as possible, then this is the plan for you. You don’t have to have a large pocket just to get the job done right. You may use simple methods and make a website that is functional and interactive. Let us explore a list of options for themes that you can have if you are using the WordPress for free.

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Shapely is perhaps one of the most popular of the free WordPress themes out there. It is a one-page theme, which means that you can only make just a one-page website using that theme. But if you use it wisely, you can have a great web page designed. It is all about placing the right elements and having the right design. The best thing about this theme is that it is fully compatible with all devices like computers, tablets and even your mobile phones, however, if you want to develop a separate app for your e-commerce store as well, then you can have that built too.


Illdy has become a popular design recently among the people who prefer free services of WordPress. It has everything that a designer needs, colors, fonts, and designs. It is modern and sleek.  All you have to do is put in your desired content and the website is ready to go. Just like Shapely, Illdy also is compatible with all the devices that you may use to open a website.

NewsMag Lite:

Have you seen those amazing magazine websites that publish some really great articles? Now you can have one too with NewsMag Lite. This theme is specifically designed for those bloggers who want to give their web page a high-end theme and make it interactive. It also has a huge list of fonts and designs that you can also be customized to be SEO responsive.

Sparkling and Dazzling:

Don’t just go for these theme’s names, but instead look at is features. Apart from providing its users great design these two themes also feature an aspect that is usually found in paid themes. Its special feature is having a full page slider which will display your photos or your other work with more detail. Moreover, both themes are updated with SEO and other plug-ins helping you boost your website.

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Affluent and Allegiant:

Affluent and Allegiant are two different themes but are more or less used for the same purpose. These themes are used for business profiles to showcase the company’s talents. A company or an individual’s portfolio can be updated here for any audience member to view. It also boasts a stylish design which is not too overpowering. It can be very useful to promote any business or individual who is in his starting stage of work.

All these themes have been designed to keep the owner of the web page facilitated. These themes do the job right for anyone who is looking at a cost effective way to promote or sell something. The themes cost nothing but in turn give you ample amount of exposure making it a really profitable business

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