Woodmart WordPress eCommerce Theme for Any Product

Nowadays, making an online shop is very easy. You can use WordPress with additional woocommerce to make online stores safe and good.

You can get Woocommerce for free with complete features. But the drawback is the design or appearance of woocommerce is not too attractive, too rigid and less reliable as an online shop. As a result, many prospective buyers are doubtful about your online shop. In fact, the system in it is enough to serve online transactions.

Woocommerce also supports a variety of payments such as credit cards and Paypal. It can also support bank transfer payments manually. Very complete and safe. Woocommerce is constantly being developed to make it even better.

The problem is about the initial design of woocommerce. Therefore, in this edition I will discuss one of the wordPress templates that fully support woocommerce. This template is specifically designed to support woocommerce.

The combination of WordPress and this template will produce a sophisticated online store with a stunning look. Introduce, the name is WoodMart.

Woodmart is a premium wordPress template that sells for $ 59 USD with very complete features, fast loading and offers a lifetime update. What an offer that is hard to resist.

I will discuss the parts of Woodmart, we just start

1. Header Woodmart Theme

woodmart header

In the header section, there is a place to put your online store logo. This logo is very important as an online shop identity. Woodmart can display your online shop logo to be more interesting and sharp.

Next to the logo, there is a search box. Visitors or potential buyers can search for items they need according to the selected category. Then on the right side there is a shopping cart icon. Visitors can access goods already entered into shopping carts. There is also a special button so visitors can access payment pages quickly.

At the top there is a menu that is quite useful such as social media or you can also add links to how to shop or the shipping method you offer. In short, in this section you can add links that are often searched by visitors.

2. Main Navigation and Featured Product


In my opinion the most interesting part is this. In this section there is a complete and clear product category. In addition there is a slider that functions as the main product window. Your job as an online shop owner must display the best product in this storefront.

If visitors have started to be impressed with the first storefront, then they will explore other products. Almost certainly he will buy a lot of items.

Besides that there is a Mega menu feature. With this feature you can display product images on the main menu. So, it’s not just a link but there is a product supporting image that can clarify the visitor’s assumptions about a product.

Sometimes showing only links without pictures, website visitors do not have the correct assumptions about the product. Therefore, the picture will speak more than the text.

3. Featured Category Product


The flow is still running, finally visitors will arrive at the product category. Prospective buyers or website visitors will be treated with product categories, not directly to their products. As a buyer, I prefer to look for products that match the categories I want. Suppose I want to look for shoes. So I will search for categories first, I will look for outdoor shoe categories, in the category of outdoor shoes I will look for the products I want most.

That’s how the visitors flow when looking for products. Actually you can set this flow to better suit your online shop needs. Woodmart provides an easy but sophisticated configuration so that it can adjust to the needs.

To design a product category, you can choose among the many choices available. Without touching the line of code.

4. Featured Product

woodmart featured product

The fourth part, here is the real product window. Here you can display the latest product or best seller for a certain number of weeks or time periods. Can also display products that are seen by many visitors.

What’s interesting is, when the Mouse cursor is moved on a product, a brief description of the product will be displayed. You can press the quick view button to see more fully. There is also a button to enter items in the shopping basket.


Features to compare between 1 item and other items are also available. But it seems that this feature runs smoothly, it requires data from a product. This is only about habits, if from the beginning you are used to entering detailed data, this feature will greatly help prospective buyers choose the product.

5. Blog Post


Although building an online store, the feature that must be there is the blog. In the blog post section, you can add articles supporting the main product. Blogs also function as content marketing, many transactions occur starting from a blog post. Suppose you sell sports shoes, then in the blog section, you can write about how to choose sports shoes like professional.

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The article will be indexed by Google, and does not rule out the possibility of someone entering the article then buying the shoes. Approximately like that is a description of the content marketing channel.

Woodmart provides blog design that is quite interesting, simple and informative.

6. Footer


In the footer section, there are many supporting elements such as the brand logo of the product you sell. It does not have to always be a product logo, you can place a courier company logo that works together, the bank logo that works with you and others.

Then at the bottom there is a space where you can insert additional content such as the ocean which is useful for visitors, a brief description that explains your online shop, the location of the offline store and contact information that can be contacted. You can also display social accounts here.

That’s a brief review of me about woodmart wp theme. In my opinion, this ecommerce wp theme deserves to be one option when going to build an online shop.

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