Best WordPress Plugins to Modify WordPress Visual Editor

WordPress using the TinyMCE editor, a javascript-based software that allows us to edit text, insert pictures, media, links and others. TinyMCE on wordpress been modified  totally, and you will not find the TinyMCE purely on wordpress. The use TinyMCE in WordPress designed so simple, then many plugins can modify the behavior of TinyMCE programmaticly One more […]

The Poor of Bluehost Support Team

Bluehost does not want to help me restore the backup files because they wanted me to buy a package of 99 dollars to restore up to  5 sites. In my opinion, this is not a good way of doing business. I’m sure they will not provide the backup files when I asked. Ok, I will pay […]

Guide to Moving Away from TimThumb Script to BFIThumb

Timthumb developer has been closed, and that script is not continue because its script contains many bugs. Where, through its bug, someone can inject script in your hosting. And now, its time to move from timthumb to another on-the-fly image resizeing script. In wordpress, many developers offers image resizing technique, such as Matthew Ruddy who creating WordPress Timthumb […]

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