How to Get Video Thumbnail on WordPress

We all know, to add video to a blog post, wordpress supports auto embed, meaning that when you put a video URL from YouTube, WordPress will automatically convert the URL into the video, so that this work can save time. But, what if we want to display video thumbnails (in image format) from the youtube […]

Freebies for WordPress Edition #1

Ok, it’s time to post Freebies for WordPress. Everyone loves freebies, especially for wordpress. This post consists of free plugins, themes and tuturial. Despite the freebies, but quality. Ok, just go ahead. WordPress Theme Celcius from This template ready for big photo and photography. Download Floki – Minimalis theme. Download Galaxy – Responsive Portfolio […]

WordPress 4.0 is Out, What Do You Think?

Finally after waiting for a few weeks, WordPress 4.0 has been released, although still in beta 1. Versions beta 1 is not recommended for production site, just for testing some added features. I hope, wordpress 4.0 can fix the bugs that I feel. In short, some of the features in wordpress 4.0 beta 1 is as […]

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