My Dream : IDE For WordPress

WordPress is a great CMS framework simultaneously. WordPress can be transformed into various websites with ease, depending on the theme being used. WordPress can be used for web profile, company profile, online stores and others. This is possible because of the high degree of flexibility. I have a dream there is an IDE specifically designed […]

WordPress 4.0 Rumor and News on the Web

WordPress 4.0 will be released in August 2014. Reportedly, wordpress 4.0 will bring a full range of features, the most revolutionary and help bloggers and publishers work better. Of course, I was waiting for this update, because yesterday I was sent a bugs reports to the wordpress organization, that there is a feature that is […]

How to Send Bug Report to WordPress

WordPress is the CMS most widely used by bloggers around the world. I was one of the wordpress users, since 2008, I ‘ve been using wordpress, since version 2.1. WordPress was developed as open source, everyone can see the wordpress source code, modify it and release again. Officially, wordpress managed by WordPress Organization, This is […]

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