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WordPress 4.0 will be released in August 2014. Reportedly, wordpress 4.0 will bring a full range of features, the most revolutionary and help bloggers and publishers work better. Of course, I was waiting for this update, because yesterday I was sent a bugs reports to the wordpress organization, that there is a feature that is not functioning properly.
We do not know for sure, what kind of wordpress 4.0, but I know that the leap from version 3.x to version 4.0 is a major version change, where in a program or software development leap brings great features. So, we all await the presence of a wordpress 4.0 revolutionary.

Ok, while waiting for the arrival in August 2014, I will collect some rumors about WordPress 4.0 is spread on the internet.

1. Internationalization Improvements Planned for WordPress 4.0

Internationalization Improvements Planned for WordPress 4.0

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2. WordPress 4.0 Planned to Featuring with Front-end Editor

front end wp editor in wordpress 4.0

Actually I do not really like this feature. This feature will allow us to edit posts directly from the front end. Not only that can edit the text, but you can edit images, and other media. Actually quite helpful, but I rarely do that. But, I’ll give it a try. Read more

3. WordPress 4.0 DevKick Off

wordpress 4.0 devkick

This post contains the features that have been added in wordpress 4.0. Read more

4. Battling round numbers with WordPress 4.0

wordpress 4.0

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5. Opinion About Feature on WordPress 4.0

next feature on wordpress 4.0

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