WordPress 4.0 is Out, What Do You Think?

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Finally after waiting for a few weeks, WordPress 4.0 has been released, although still in beta 1. Versions beta 1 is not recommended for production site, just for testing some added features. I hope, wordpress 4.0 can fix the bugs that I feel. In short, some of the features in wordpress 4.0 beta 1 is as follows

  1. Preview embedding URLs, which is a feature that allows wordpress editor displays a preview of the video. Quite interesting in my opinion, but this is only enrich it.
  2. The media library has a feature grid. Yeah, grid view,
  3. You can select the language when installing. WordPress 4.0 is focused on multi-lingual
  4. Interaction on TinyMCE. Now you can interact with TinyMCE via a cursor or keyboard. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Since I wrote compilation with images, and will be greatly helped by features via a keyboard shortcut.
  5. etc.

The plan, the final version of WordPress 4.0 will be officially released in August 2014. I’ve made ​​a compilation of rumors about wordpress 4.0.

If you want to try wordpress 4.0, please download here. I do not recommend you to use wordpress 4.0 on the live site because of its possibility is not perfect and there are security loopholes.


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