WordPress Freebie Edition #2

In this morning,  i am very happy to release new freebie for wordpress second edition. If you miss previous editions, check this freebie wordpress #1, and this post is next level of wordpress freebies.

In this post, i am covered new wordpress themes, plugins, articles, resources and tools. You can use it to improve your wordpress site, enchance it or if you’re new to strating up wordpress site, you can use this all-new wp theme to make over your site. All themes are free to use, its becomes from wordpress theme directory.

Did you know, wordpress themes directory receive many-quality theme in one week. We’are choose which best and fit for you.

And you can see new release of wordpress plugin that useful for enhancing your site. Add new power to your wordpress and be different with another wp site.

If you’re developer, you can read latest article and resource to be the next level of wordpress developers.

WordPress Articles and Resources

Optimizing WordPress Database by Kevin Muldoon.

Optimizing WordPress Database by Kevin Muldoon.

Maybe this article is next level of my article, how to optimize wordpress database with wp-optimize plugin, but Kevin Muldoon write that article is very well in detail. Read more

How to Create Dummy Text in WordPress

create dummy text in wordpress

Its a best way to fill text into new wordpress theme when developing. Dummy text is important to see what exactly what do your wordpress theme. Read more

How to Create Paypal Button Buy Now in WordPress

paypal button code

When you’re building an online shop, you need payment gateway and paypal is most used by online shop and another e-commerce site. You’re need this small tutorial to build buy now button. When your visitor click, they are will coming into paypal login page. Read more

Using Grunt to WordPress Development

grunt wordpress

Grunt is powerful javascript library to running a task, automations task and many more. So, we’are try to use this library to speed up wordpress development. Read more

New WordPress Themes

Masonry Themes

masonry themes

One column theme with grid post and hamburger menu. Download

Cara Themes

cara themes

Grid and pinterest style wordpress theme. 100% responsive. Download

Martable Themes

martable themes

Martable is wordpress theme with support to woocommerce. Download

Mace Themes

mace themes

Simple wordpress theme with 2 column. I love colour combination, its ready for personal blog. Download

Moesia Themes

moesia themes

Moesia is the business theme you need in order to build your presence on the Internet. Choose from eleven predefined blocks and build the homepage that best suits your company. Download

Fictive Theme


Awesome personal blog template with post format. Download

WordPress Tools



Its my favourite tool for wordpress. GenerateWP is ability to automaticly build wordpress code, for example when you’re want to create meta box, just use generateWP to build the code. Simple, and anyone can do it. Read more



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