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Zeen WP Theme, Minimalist Online Magazine with Shop

Yesterday’s Weekend I did not write a review on this blog because there were other activities that were quite attention-grabbing, namely gathering with family. Now, it’s time to write again. I want to get used to writing blogs every day as a routine activity. Did you know, by writing anything on your blog, your mind is clearer than if you don’t write.

I don’t know whether the facts are true according to the research, but what I feel is that. Getting used to writing on the internet is a new lifestyle.

Well, I will try to write a review of a WordPress template that has a modern design, simple minimalist and can transform into various types of websites. Includes an online shop with woocommerce plug-in.

Introduce, Zeen. Is a wordpress template that has a unique concept of online magazine style but is minimalist. We know that online magazine templates usually have complex designs, lots of components that decorate the display. Therefore, online magazine display is usually far from a minimalist concept. Although the designer has worked hard so that the appearance remains simple and minimalist, it doesn’t seem to work.

Far different from what is done by Zeen WP Theme designers. They are able to make a messy online magazine display into a minimalistic, simple and fast loading news website.

What’s about with speed?

According to sources on the internet, the website only has about 3 seconds to impress the reader. After reading feeling impressed, he will linger on the website page. If it can’t make the reader fall in love within 3 seconds, then the design of the website is considered a failure.

Zeen WP Theme has a pretty fantastic GTMetrix score of 100/100. This means that Zeen has a very fast loading time. Actually we cannot judge based on reports from developers, because the GTMetrix score is determined by many things one of which is a web server. It is possible that developers use high-speed servers.

But what can be concluded is that Zeen is written with good code standards. A good program code can cut access time. Moreover, Zeen Developers also know SEO so you don’t have to worry. Your next task is to fill interesting content.

1. Header of Zeen

header of zeen

Actually you can choose whether you want to install a header or not. If you choose to install a header, then Zeen offers a pretty interesting but simple header display.

In this section you can add content that is quite popular, read by many visitors or can also display the latest content.

Then below there is navigation and social media accounts. This navigation bar can be filled with mega menus.

2. Featured Section

featured section design

Usually online magazines have a section of featured content with messy designs so readers don’t like to see this section. Readers are confused by the number of images so they don’t focus on the content of the content.

Zeen redesigned the featured section to make it easier for readers to understand. If you don’t like this section, you can easily remove it through WordPress customizer.

3. Featured Category

featured category of zeen

Some online magazines place the main categories on the front page. You can choose the category that the reader is most interested in, and place the content in this section. The advantage is that the reader is easier to find the desired content.

4. Video Section

video section

In 2020, I read information that in that year the most widely consumed main content was video. Zeen WP Theme comes with a video section. You can fill this section with videos that have been uploaded on YouTube. There is also a subscribe button, so you don’t miss the chance to get a new subscriber.

Interestingly, the video player is not like on YouTube even though the video comes from YouTube. Maybe Zeen WP Theme uses an additional player. But it looks cool.

5. Call to Action Block

call to action block

Zeen WP Theme is also equipped with a call to action block, which is a component where users can place images in full, so the reader is more focused on the message delivered.

You can add various kinds of content here, such as the latest product launches, important articles and even content from sponsors.

6. Zeen Shop

zeen shop

Combining online magazines with online stores has become commonplace. Even what you do is something smart. Online magazine functions as content marketing, you can lure many potential buyers with interesting content. Then there is a section of the online magazine that displays the product.

Zeen shop section uses woocommerce to handle all online store transactions, even payments can use Paypal. Woocommerce can sell all kinds of digital products and even products and affiliate products from Amazon or third party websites.

That’s a short review from me, hopefully after reading my writing above you are more confident to use Zeen WP Theme.

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